Katy Perry Hosts “Witness” Album Release Party For Fans & Livestreams Her Life For Weekend


Today Katy Perry dropped her long-awaited 5th studio album dubbed “Witness”. Katycats around the world are able to witness Katy’s album release fan event via livestream. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on wall at Katy’s house, now is your chance. Katy is live streaming her life this entire weekend until Monday. Don’t worry there’s a full schedule of events including a female power dinner with Sia, and so much more. You can even participate in the poll on Twitter on decide how Katy will wake up tomorrow morning. Anyone else getting Big Brother vibes here?

The house Katy is livestreaming from in LA is dubbed “Witness Headquarters” and features cameras in every room… including the bedroom. Each morning Katy will do a confessional and also a fan Q&A with fans from around the world. In the first few hours of the livestream today Katy spilled tons of tidbits about herself. For example, we learned Katy lost her virginity at age 17, and her ultimate girl crush is Alicia Vikander. Katy also kicked off the livestream with a fan event where she played her old and new hits for some lucky Katycats.

If someone in the audience looked familiar, that’s because they are. Our very own Lily Marston was lucky enough to snag an invite to Katy’s fan event and asked didn’t hesitate asking the tough questions.

Katy went on to dish on the visual for “Hey Hey Hey” where she imagines herself in a babydoll dress dancing with a briefcase.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to tune into the Witness World Wide livestream before it concludes on Monday. Tell us below what you think of Katy livestreaming her life for a weekend? Do you think other artists are gonna start copying this album release idea? After that be sure to check out this video where Katy explains why she spoke out about her feud with Taylor Swift.


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